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As founder and president of Covenant Sales Group, Dewey Foster envisioned and cultivated this business idea, which was spurred by his experience and success in relationship-building.

He believes that “a critical aspect in training our sales team is successful relationship building. The sales consultant’s ability to effectively communicate is key to the development of relationship bonding between you and your customer. The level of care which one puts forth toward customer-relation building powerfully influences both one’s success…and the bottom line.”

The concept for Covenant Sales Group began with development in 2005 in Columbus, Ohio. It began as a newspaper promotion and sales group with services delivered through kiosk operation and management. Since 2005, Covenant Sales Group has begun expansion of its market to include cable and TV subscription promotion & sales. Geographically, the Covenant Group promotes media subscription sales and related services throughout Ohio and Michigan. We have since then expanded to surrounding states. Today, Covenant Sales Group continues to use a kiosk concept as its vehicle to target, develop, and increase media subscriber bases. These include newspaper (print & electronic editions), cable and  TV promotion and sales.

The Covenant Sales Group’s goal is to drive and increase new subscriber sales by using proven sales techniques delivered by a professionally trained sales team.


Our Mission

Covenant Sales Group promises to dramatically increase new subscriber sales, foster positive subscriber/customer relations, and provide professional representation of media-based organizations.

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Our team

Dewey Foster

Founder and President

Nick Moulopoulos
Sales Manager – Toledo Blade and NW Ohio

Ryan Mott
Sales Manager – Sandusky Publishing and Gannett Media

Heidi Swope
Sales Manager – Findlay Courier and Fostoria Review

Renee King
Administrative Coordinator

Holly Tuey
Social Media and Digital Coordinator

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