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WWJDEW Ministries

We are not defined by our past, nor our mistakes, but the pain that we experienced can propel us to our purpose and a brighter future.

“If anyone is in Christ, he becomes a new creation. The old things are passed away, and all things become new.”
– 2 Corinthians 5:17

Athletes in Addiction

Addiction is difficult for athletes because of the way they are raised, trained, how society perceives them and how they perceive themselves. Those of us in addiction normally follow a variation of the 12 Step Program. The first step says: “We admitted we are powerless over our addictions and our life is unmanageable.” For athletes, the idea that they are “powerless” over anything goes against everything they have been taught to believe since pee wee league.

Dewey Foster has personal experience as a collegiate football player, high school football coach, and a delivered addict. He believes that for the athlete, the road to recovery must include:

  • Behavioral modification
  • The 12-Step Program
  • The Spiritual 12-Step Program
  • Spiritual deliverance

Dewey is a successful product of this combination and now shares his program and experience to help others live a more successful life.

Dewey goes beyond describing the cycle and symptoms of addiction; he insists upon examining the root causes – and solutions. Because of his history, he is especially passionate about serving fellow athletes who find themselves caught in a downward spiral. He does so in group presentations as well as one-on-one encounters and mentoring.

Motivational Speaking

Dewey speaks about his personal experience with addiction, recovery and faith. Topics covered can include:

  • Symptoms vs. root causes of addiction
  • Spiritual deliverance
  • Domestic violence
  • Athletes’ relationships: with themselves, family, women, children, society
  • Life skills
  • Financial planning
  • Special topics for jail/prison ministry (see below)

Contact us to arrange for Dewey to speak to your classroom, college, athletic group, jail or prison, church group, recovery house or treatment center.

Jail/Prison Ministry

How do we change how society looks at us? We first have to change how we look at ourselves.

That is the foundation behind WWJDEW’s jail and prison ministry. 

When asking a group in jail or prison, “How many times has someone said to you, ‘You’re just like ____ [somebody negative]’?” Every person would raise their hand. They were fighting the stigma in their mind of who they were. 

Most of us think of ourselves the way society views us, how we were told who we were, how we were raised. We have to see instead how God views us so we can change how we view ourselves. That’s the key.

Dewey offers a message of hope, encouragement, forgiveness and restoration through his ministry.

“For all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God.”
– Romans 3:23

“For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”
– Romans 10:13